Financial management of your SPV

at a fraction of the cost

Our modular approach to financial management puts you in control of your outsourced solution.

1. SPV Admin

Our approach to financial management puts you in control of your outsourced solution. ​

We can migrate you from your existing accounting package(s) to a single secure cloud based platform providing you real-time access to information 24/7 and all the benefits of OCR receipt recognition, weekly or monthly payment runs with mobile sign-offs.  ​​

Getting to a cash position quickly, even with a large portfolio of SPVs, can drive decisions within your organisation.  ​​

Having confidence in your data and having it at all at your fingertips is where we can help. Spend time on the strategic side of the business and drive efficiencies and performance within your business.

2. Compliance and Reporting

Closing off periods and creating the different sets of reports (management, banking, governance) is our speciality. We calculate all the covenant tests, cash waterfalls and schedule the creation of the banking reports in the format required by the bank. We keep your banking covenants up to date and de-risking cash-locks, by providing a consistent and professional banking report on time every time.

3. Asset Performance

Subscribe to our asset performance services and demonstrate to investors a systematic way of improving the return on each asset. We benchmark costs, analyse leverage levels, constantly review the cost of funds and provide a succinct asset performance report including an estimate on the yield improvement potential. We can also provide advisory services including refinancing projects, buy and sell mandates. See here for more information (link)

Account Setup

We remove all the setup pain points by talking your existing documentation, transaction bible etc, and extracting all the required information into our secure platform. From the information extracted form the PPA, leases, banking covenants, O&M agreements) we can produce your reports, valuations and more.



We provide specialist advisory services to the industry.